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I’m Kathryn Porritt, the coach to entrepreneurs all over the world looking to create impact. From wedding planners and physicians to retailers and coaches… I’m the go-to girl for putting you on the map – BIG TIME.  And, I’m different to everyone else out there.

My brilliance is seeing your brilliance.  My brilliance is helping you shine a light on yourself in the most beautiful way.

My brilliance is getting you to the #1 position in your niche and developing your offers to $100k+.

In one call, I promise you that I can help you become crystal clear on your brilliance and your premium offer potential.

And, not only that… also give you the pathway to shine a light on that brilliance and step in to everything you should be.

So you can have the impact you’ve always wanted.  

So you can have the freedom you’ve always wanted.

For a long time, I turned away from this gift.  I thought my pathway to greatness was building websites, creating beautiful brands and strategizing sales funnels.

It took my clients insisting that I am much more than that for me to shine a light on my own brilliance, and launch my programs outside my very successful agency, Business Bravery.

We still build brands, websites and sales funnels.  We still support businesses with social media management and marketing content.

But now you can join my programs too, where you really will get the chance to Showcase Your Brilliance in full.

As a custom jewelry designer, I was struggling to make money out of my studio. I reached out to Kathryn when everything was up in the air and I really didn’t know what to do. The very first time I talked to her, she re-inspired me. There’s something about her voice. She’s like a godmother. She’s become like this godmother to me. And she just was so excited about my business and my dreams. I now have three flourishing businesses – I teach destination courses, sell my bespoke designs online and I also have online courses.

One of the reasons I love working with Kathryn so much is I’ve been on my own my entire life. I became a jeweller over ten years ago and I started my first business then, and I just, since that time, I’ve done nothing but learn about business and work my ass off and so for somebody to come in and be like “You have built something amazing here, I really believe in you and I firmly believe you’re going to succeed and make a lot of money.”

She has relit a fire within me. I just feel I was destined to work with Kathryn, you know, she’s just so wonderful.

Meaghan Young





13 years ago, I started my first business. It was an ecommerce business that became a phenomenon – winning awards, hundreds of thousands of customers, and a worldwide audience on social media. We pioneered many ideas in the ecommerce space and I built a business that grew beyond my wildest dreams.

And, I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars learning how to be the best at social media, business strategy, website design, marketing content and selling. Because there simply weren’t people like me around then.  I plain had to learn myself.  And I became really great at designing offers that sell their socks off.

So much so that when I sold that business, I was snapped up by one of the biggest eCommerce companies around to help them build their online community. That business sold for over $75m.  Then, I helped another technology business double in 12 months.

And, then I started working with other entrepreneurs around the world, helping them achieve similar success. The kind of success that you can’t get on your own without steep learning curves, big mistakes and a significant investment.

Now, as a sought after online business strategist, I work with incredible business owners all over the world to help them shine a light on their brilliance – both personally and through their business.  Those #bebrave entrepreneurs are my clients. And boy we have fun on the way to achieving their dreams.